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Prenatal Care

Our staff at The Coit House believes that every pregnant person is entitled to holistic, prenatal care that supports their personal values.

Shared Decision-Making

Our staff believes that every pregnant person and their support people are entitled to holistic, prenatal care that takes into account personal values and preferences. Through the ongoing process of shared decision-making, the midwife offers the client evidence-based information and options regarding our prenatal services. These options engage the client in sharing their values, questions, and concerns. Together, the midwife and the client develop a plan that provides for informed consent and refusal.

Parents hold infant after water birth
Parents hold sonogram

Evidence-Based Information

We follow the typical prenatal wellness care schedule and offer the same lab work, ultrasounds, and genetic screening and testing including non-invasive prenatal testing options.

Educational handouts and consents developed and refined by our midwife, birth assistants, and administrative staff are provided regularly to offer information and guidance for the many decisions you will face during pregnancy and while planning your birth.

Building Trust with the Midwife

Our clients get to know just one midwife over the course of their prenatal care and can expect appointments at our prenatal care center to last thirty to sixty minutes. We invite partners and other family members or support people to join you when receiving your prenatal services.

We are active users of our electronic medical record portal, communicating promptly with our clients about their questions and concerns. Our prenatal wellness center clients may reach a midwife for urgent needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our on-call number which rings directly to the midwife’s cell phone and results in a call back within minutes.

Midwife checks newborn

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