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Wellness Care

Wellness care for the whole person in a comfortable, home-like setting.
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Annual Visits

An annual visit with the midwife is a full hour long and involves discussion about your overall physical and emotional health and well-being, sexuality, fertility, health screenings, and recommendation for follow-up.

Our midwives can take care of womxn’s health and wellness across the lifespan, from adolescence to menopause. We embrace providing empowering healthcare for anyone with a vagina, uterus, or cervix who requires it, regardless of their gender identity. We are proud of the inclusive services we offer, including healthcare for trans people. We do everything in our power to maintain a safe, welcoming environment for each and every person who walks through our door.

Interior of The Coit House
Interior of The Coit House

Health & Cancer Screenings

We provide stirrup-free (seriously!) pelvic exams when obtaining Pap smears for cervical cancer screenings, referrals for mammograms and breast ultrasound. We can also provide screenings for sexually transmitted infections as well as draw routine bloodwork in our office. Pelvic exams are invasive and are not performed in our office as a matter of routine but rather when there is an indication and after careful discussion and consideration with the client. We provide a trauma-informed approach to care, particularly in regards to your pelvic and breast health, when working with people with uteruses.

Contraceptive Counseling

Our midwives discuss the full range of contraceptive options–from fertility awareness to condoms to birth control pills–at our reproductive health and wellness center. We can insert intrauterine devices (IUDs) in our office. Midwives in NYS have full prescriptive authority which means that in addition to contraceptives, we can prescribe many other medications. However, we also offer holistic support for an integrative approach to your wellness.

Interior of The Coit House
Pregnant person leans forward

Pre-conception Planning & Fertility Support

Considering pregnancy? We can help you be your healthiest self upon conception and better understand your fertility in order to achieve pregnancy at an ideal time for your family, career, or other life circumstances.

We can also provide in-office intrauterine insemination (IUI), although the complexities of fertility medications tend to be out of midwifery scope of practice, so IUI with a midwife is best for those who have no or limited fertility challenges, such as couples with slightly low sperm count, same-sex couples, a single person desiring pregnancy who does not have access to sperm, or those who may have tried holistic methods to enhance fertility and are not ready to move on to medications or IVF.