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It seems that “alternative” menstrual products have really taken off over the past few years–not surprising as women are becoming more and more aware of problems with traditional menstrual products, including toxic chemicals and excess waste that harms the environment.


Here’s four of our favorites:

1) Menstrual cups

Whether it’s the Diva cup, the Luna cup, or a slew of others, menstrual cups are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and, for most women, really comfortable and easy to use!

Soft and flexible, menstrual cups are reusable cups that sit inside the vagina and collect flow. They are periodically emptied and washed and can be reused for months or years on end.

Experimenting with a couple different cups may help you find the right fit for overall comfort and preventing leaks.

2) Cloth pads

Cloth pads have made a come back! They might be a little on the frumpy side at times, but are great for overnight, sitting around the house, or, my personal favorite, the postpartum period. And honestly? Maybe not so frumpy as they now come in super cute patterns.

There’s a number of brands on the market, with GladRags being one of the most popular, but I especially like Bean and Bear Shoppe on Etsy.

3) Thinx underwear

Period panties for the modern woman“–they’ve got all varieties from “granny panties” to thongs. These underwear are pretty cool. They can be used totally by themselves during your period or in conjunction with a menstrual cup or tampon, depending on the style.

4) Natural pads and tampons

Natracare makes a great line of pads & tampons that are soft, certified organic cotton and totally chlorine free, plastic free, and biodegradable.

They are one of the only natural feminine hygiene companies that also makes a product specifically for the postpartum period.

Lola provides customizable subscriptions such that you can pick the assortment, amount, and frequency of delivery of natural pads & tampons.