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Fika Midwifery supports the full range of birthing locations for women and families. While there’s some women who feel most comfortable in the hospital or have complications that require what the hospital has to offer, home birth can be a safe and reasonable choice for many women.

1. You’ll receive respectful care.

Of course, your own home isn’t the only place you can experience empowering care for your labor & birth, but there’s just something a little different about inviting your birth team into your own home. The space belongs fully to you.

2. You’ve had previously straightforward labors.

Maybe you’ve already given birth once or twice in the hospital and everything went smoothly. Although birth is unpredictable, having given birth before without complication is a big predictor of being able to do the same thing again.

3. You want older siblings present for the birth.

Some hospitals have visitor restrictions for siblings, especially during the flu season, roughly October 1-April 1. Giving birth in your own home is one surefire way to snuggle your older babies and a fresh newborn at the same time. Just be sure to have an extra person–family, friend, nanny, or doula–for the sibling(s) in case they get overwhelmed or you need some privacy.

4. Continuity of care is important to you.

While not all home birth practices follow the same model, here at Fika Midwifery, care is highly personalized. You’ll get to know and trust me as your midwife for each and every prenatal visit. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and receive individualized support, and during the labor, you’ll also get a lot of one-on-one attention and care.

5. FOOD.

You can eat…and not just any food, your own food! (Despite what the evidence says, hospitals often prohibit eating and drinking during labor).

6. Your recovery will be much more relaxing without interruptions from medical staff.

Postpartum stays at the hospital are rarely restful–typically staff have a slew of to-do’s for you and your baby to check off their list. You and your baby can have the same evidence-based care (such as medications and tests for your baby) at home in a way that is more respectful of your need to recover and bond with your baby.

7. You don’t want to give birth in a gown someone died in yesterday.

Or so says Jim Gaffigan. In all seriousness, being able to wear your own clothes and sleep in your own bed after giving birth is a major plus.

Fika Midwifery provides at-home, empowering well-woman care to the Buffalo and surrounding Western New York area.

Maura Winkler is a certified nurse midwife and board-certified lactation consultant, owner of Fika Midwifery, Buffalo Birth & Baby, and Chicago Birth & Baby.