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Dear Clients,

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, there does not appear to be increased risk to pregnant clients; nonetheless, because pregnant people in general have been more susceptible to other respiratory infections such as influenza, pregnant people are considered an at-risk population.

At the Coit House, our staff is taking care to be diligent about hand and respiratory hygiene and frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces.

Please help us keep all of our clients healthy by calling the office if you or a member of your household has flu-like or respiratory symptoms so that we can reschedule your appointment free of cancellation fees.

For our currently pregnant clients:

If you have traveled to an area with known COVID-19 outbreaks in the last two weeks or begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19, including fever > 100.4 F, cough, difficulty breathing, or gastrointestinal symptoms, please notify the office or, if urgent, call the on-call number (716.265.6802) to speak to a midwife. Depending on your individual circumstances, we will determine if your visit can be rescheduled or if a telemedicine or home visit is indicated.

Clients are encouraged to call their insurance company to determine telemedicine or home visit benefits if they anticipate they may need to utilize these services.

We encourage our clients to check out Aviva Romm’s website for a holistic approach to COVID-19 as well as more specific information for pregnant people.

Finally, we anticipate there may be increased interest in our services due to our ability to provide in-home care. We still have several spots left for March & April due dates but fewer spots left after that. Please encourage interested friends and family not to wait to schedule a consultation with us (which can be done on the phone if preferred).

We will notify you of any further recommendations or changes. Stay healthy!


Maura WInkler CNM