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Goodnight Birth Center

By December 23, 2022News

In the blue birth room there was a cell phone

And a “Welcome Baby” balloon

And a picture of

Two new parents over the moon.


And there were two little doulas, doing the hip rocking hula

And ultrasound goo, and a doppler too

And a big birth tub, and a shoulder rub

And an applesauce pouch, and a small couch, and a laboring momma, whispering “ouch”


Goodnight birth room

Goodnight grandma, who brought a balloon

Goodnight doulas, goodnight hula

Goodnight goo, and doppler too

Goodnight birth tub, and goodnight shoulder rub

Goodnight pouch, and goodnight couch

And goodnight to the momma, whispering “ouch”

Goodnight midwife, and goodnight bowl of ice

And welcome to the world, a brand new life

Caroline Altreuter is a registered nurse and certified lactation consultant at The Coit House. You may meet her during your prenatal and postpartum care or for the birth of your baby.